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 Semi Truck Tractors

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Craig Milligan d:^)

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Posted on Sep 29, 2009, 3:01 am by Craig Milligan d:^)
Semi Truck Tractors

Since the hay market is a fraction of what it once was.....I have a couple of semi truck tractors that I probably won't be needing any more....and a couple of short 26' single axle trailers, too.   They would make great water & chemical hauling has a expanded steel floor that is self cleaning. (great for hauling hay, never sweats on the bales)

One tractor is a GMC Astro that used to be owned by UPS parcel service....5 speed tranny and Cummins engine, day cab.

The other is a customized tractor, single axle, with a newly re-built Allison 4 speed tranny.....only has 154,000 miles on it.  Also has gooseneck ball hitch, too.

I also have a 28 foot nice van great for hauling those little bales.....or bags of seed.  Roll up door. Nice shape.

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