avatar Craig Milligan d:^) [20:25:58] Yes, a lot of lurking from the hammer and sickle crowd, here. Actually, a lot of views are from anti-socialist folks from Europe.
avatar 4020 [20:09:13] Firing a double barrel like Ba. I swear I typed see you. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
avatar 4020 [20:06:14] Always good to you you Craig. Been noticing a lot more guest recently. Ag form lurkers??
avatar Craig Milligan d:^) [19:47:39] I'm sorry that I have been missing lately. Been busy driving the bus to basketball tournaments and choring in snow.
avatar Duramax [21:13:25] Welcome MOS
avatar 4020 [20:29:34] Welcome aboard mos
avatar Duramax [03:24:01] "Combgate" for Klobochar, She eats tater salad with her comb [link
avatar Craig Milligan d:^) [02:06:54] Duramax- I posted the most recent Dyersville Hay Auction prices on Livestock page. 🤠👍
avatar Rawhide [05:38:35] no i was in ky
avatar 4020 [20:45:06] Hey Rawhide, did you drive around 465 yesterday?
avatar Rawhide [19:30:21] I liked the tv show and the first truck i drove was a mack. Had to keep the doggie movin
avatar 4020 [01:26:15] It's head em up. Move em out.
avatar Duramax [21:45:01] Move em on, head em up...Rawhide! :)
avatar Craig Milligan d:^) [18:37:03] Welcome aboard, Rawhide! 🤠👍🇺🇸
avatar Craig Milligan d:^) [00:39:56] It has snowed over 9 inches south of Des Moines, this morning. 😱
avatar Craig Milligan d:^) [03:25:02] My brother is going to put a new forum up, to use. The technology used in this one is too old, and is a little hard to modify. I'm looking at the latest version of phpbb board.
avatar unique [22:58:34] thank you. I just find the color background and font colors difficult to see.
avatar Craig Milligan d:^) [22:17:40] Unique, I will see if my brother can come on here and explain some details of posting style.
avatar unique [21:02:46] Is there a way to change the color of text and background as well as size?
avatar Duramax [06:41:04] Lem, go on..talk! the floor is yours. So far you just interrupted Red`s Kamela post, that was nothing to do with SF