avatar Craig Milligan d:^) [02:19:09] Testing**** Новая Американская революция
avatar colin norris [14:56:22] It is ironic how you have disappeared since you challenged me to reappear. Weak as *beep*
avatar colin norris [13:51:10] Craigo. How was christmas? Did all the godbothering things I take it.
avatar colin norris [02:30:06] are you still LOLing at the return of the commie. your silence is vindicating.
avatar colin norris [03:05:05] growing hay and learnig languages?? You lot have trouble with the english language
avatar Craig Milligan d:^) [05:08:00] Well, we will see if the Commie from Peak Hill, shows up. L O L.
avatar DevilMan [03:48:52] Tell everyone on the other forum, they don't need to just put up with censorship and spammy advertising.
avatar Craig Milligan d:^) [03:30:19] It has been quite awhile since I have been here. I see it works well with my iPad.
avatar DevilMan [12:20:38] Craig's Brother is DevilMan on this forum. Just a FYI. Sun Jun 30 00:25:01 CDT 2013
avatar Cutter [19:42:54] cold in minesota hay bales froze to the ground 3-21-13
avatar Les [10:06:02] hi
avatar Les [08:52:39] Hello anyone here 3-25-10
avatar Big AL [10:15:50] hello Les
avatar Les [10:02:49] hi
avatar Big AL [09:13:09] hello anyone here
avatar Les [10:36:31] Hi are you still here
avatar Big AL [09:33:02] hello Les
avatar Les [09:19:39] hello
avatar Big AL [01:28:08] hello
avatar r3020 [19:50:52] Harvest is FINISHED. Finally time to breath. Devil. good to see the site still up and running!