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colin norris

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Posted on Jan 7, 2019, 9:29 am by colin norris
hows it all going now craig. What a fucking dunce you have elected. the man is a psychopathic liar and all the right wing nut jobs think he is the second coming of god. Of course you wont reply to anything now the wheels are falling off it. remember you saying anyone but hilary? Hows that working out you bloody idiot. How about the stupid godbothering fuckwit who said all the men who dont oppose homosexuality should be executed. Does he represent your crazy religion too when trump is thrown out like a used condom i will again travel to the US and personally visit you to gloat
Do you find this post inappropriate? Then PISS OFF! This is America, where we have a Constitutional Right to free speech. Get used to being offended.

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